New Matched Quad (4) Psvane Treasure KT88-Z Smoked Vacuum Tubes

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New Plate Current Matched Quad (4 pc set) of Psvane Treasure KT88-Z Smoked Vacuum Tubes

This is a tube with a confusing and interesting history. These KT88-Z tubes are produced by Psvane but they look an awful lot like the Shuguang KT88-Z. The Psvane KT88-Z was around first and Shuguang copied the design because it's an incredible tube and it became one of Psvane's best sellers. At the time, Shuguang was more well-known than Psvane so their copy took off and it's what most consumers know. This is the KT88-Z that you want. It's the original design from the manufacturer that created it. 

The KT88-Z features special carbon sprayed smoked glass which helps electrons flow more smoothly and reduces noise. As a part of the treasure series, this is one of the more high-end tubes that they produce. As such, they sound extremely detailed in hifi amplifiers and also work great as a guitar tube. This is a popular tube and we are yet to see anything but very positive reviews. 

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at full operating voltage on a Maxi-Matcher tube tester for both Ip (Plate Current) and Gm (General Mutual Transconductance). We always TRY to match by 5% when we can (90% of them time) but our cut-off matching parameter is +/- 15%.

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