6V6 - 6F6 - 6K6 - 7408

6V6 - 6F6 - 6K6 - 7408

The 6V6, 6K6 & 6F6 family of tubes are famous for their excellent tone and mass availability. The 6V6 is the most powerful of the bunch and can be run in place of any 6K6 or 6F6. You can also usually get away with running a 6K6 or 6F6 in place of a 6V6 though you may run into issues with distortion or volume. 

Drop-in Substitutes for the 6V6: 6V6GT, 6V6GTA, 5871, 7184, 7408, VT-107A, 6P6 (Russian).

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  • New JJ 6V6 Vacuum Tube

    New JJ 6V6 Vacuum Tube

    JJ Electronic

    New Plate Current JJ 6V6 (6V6GT) Vacuum Tube The JJ 6V6S is one of the best new production 6V6s around. This 6V6S can handle higher plate voltage than a standard 6V6 like many of the vintage ones. Because of the extra headroom this is a great choice for...
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